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A Bunch of Contest Winners

Hey everyone. I am announcing a BUNCH of contest winners today. I have been slacking on getting these winners announced because of IPCPR, FDA, life, etc. :)
If you one of the winners below please email me at with your full name, shipping address, and statement stating you are above legal age to purchase tobacco products in your jurisdiction.
Congrats to the winners!
$100 Gift Card - L*k*j*c*b*i*l*a*
LP no.9 Box  - A*a*l*n*r*l*
$100 Gift Card - j*o*a*
$100 Gift Card - b.*a*d*u*a*
LP no.9 Box - b*l*f*g*l*
$100 Gift Card - j*m*y*r*
$100 Gift Card - w*z*r*3*
LP no.9 Box - i*s*e*
$100 Gift Card - r*r*o*a*

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  • terry on

    Good afternoon any bishops blend left ?

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