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Viaje Birthday Blend 2019

Viaje Birthday Blend 2019


Time to party!

Viaje Birthday Blend 2019 was just released...and it's all grown up! My, oh my, how the time flies by!

Viaje Birthday Blend 2019 "graduated" from the White Label Projects into full-blown Viaje production!

Many people have said that Viaje Birthday Blend is THE BEST Viaje blend ever released! That's saying a lot because Viaje makes some of the best boutiques on God's green Earth!

And to make things just a little bit cooler....Viaje Birthday Blend 2019 comes with new box and packaging. Shoot...it feels like my birthday!

ONLY a few boxes in stock! So Limited! Literally....i can count the number of boxes we have on 1 hand!

Get Yours NOW!

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