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Marilyn is the total package! A perfect 10! 

When we lit up the Marilyn blend after extensive aging, we literally started having a full-blown conniption fit because this cigar turned out so phenomenal!

We make great cigars. But even we get shocked sometimes. Marilyn exceeded our already high expectations. By a lot!

Marilyn is a full bodied, full strength 6x52 beauty! Wrapped in an 8-year-aged San Andres maduro leaf laid over rare vintage fillers from Nicaragua and Peru.

First light is extremely deep and rich. White pepper starts on the tip of the tongue while dark leather, Spanish cedar, and espresso wash over the palate.

The finish is long adding hints of toffee and walnut. The retrohale adds warming notes of cinnamon and jalapeño. 

The second third, the blasts of scotch whisky start. Cocoa comes to the fore. Espresso notes linger longer and longer in the finish. You'll be smacking your lips because the complexity of flavors is so legendary.

The last third, the toasty leathery notes are just fantastic! It's jaw-droppingly good! The age of the vintage ligero fillers is on full display. 

This cigar is absolutely extraordinary all the way to the nub! 

Marilyn is a decadent, voluptuous masterpiece! (Can you tell we like it?) This is a blend that we've been chain smoking around the warehouse. It's freaking incredible! 

These will be SOLD OUT fast, of course! I envy you if you are able to get your hands on some. I will be stashing some of these away in my personal humidor, and I suggest you do the same.

Mind. Blown!

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