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How to Pay Later for Your Cigars

Waiting on your paycheck and the new limited edition cigar you really want is about to be sold out? We have all been there!

But never fear, we now have a solution!

We have partnered with FuturePay for you to pay nothing today, have your cigars shipped tomorrow, and pay later or make payments.

Here is how it works:

Select the cigars you want, add them to your cart, and go through the checkout process.

On the payments screen select FuturePay as your payment option.

How to Buy Now and Pay Later

Click the orange button to complete the payment process.

How to get your cigars today and pay later

Fill out the application with all of the relevant details. If you have an account on Cigar Federation most of the details will already be ported into the form for you. Otherwise, you will need to fill it out.

Pay for your cigars later

Click the green Apply button. From there you should see if you are approved.

You will receive an email with your FuturePay details. Your cigars will ship right away and FuturePay will send you a statement and you will pay them directly online, or by mailing them a check.

The cost of using FuturePay is only $5 per month for every $500 you have as a balance.

You can pay your entire bill in full or make payments. It's your choice!

If you have questions about FuturePay click HERE or download the FuturePay FAQ PDF HERE.

Any questions just email us at