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Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust Umbagog Misfits

Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust Umbagog Misfits


Umbagog Misfits by Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust is the first budget minded release from the company. The prices on these cigars are insanely affordable. The Umbagog uses the Connecticut Broadleaf wrappers, which were deemed as not being visually appealing enough for the Mi Querida line. And all with the quality and goodness of a premium boutique cigar.

These are the LAST of these particular cigars on the planet! We worked out a deal with Steve Saka to get these cigars for our store. These are preproduction, and were prematurely shipped to the states. Incorrectly packaged, so some are unbanded, but they are all in 10 count bundles. It is the same cigar, but you save about 15% off the normal price.

*These will ship AFTER the new year*

Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust Umbagog Misfits has a rating of 4.8 stars out of 5 based on 4 reviews.

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